[ECOS] got struck in running ecos application from ROMRAM

Ganapat Rao P Kulkarni gpkulkarni@gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 14:32:00 GMT 2005

Hi group,
I have created a bootloader application whihc gets
bootstrping from vectors.S and give control to my
application main function.
Initially i have tried to work it form ROM.
I am able to do it.
Now i am trying to do the same with ROMRAM feature.
i.e for few instructions (im my case ,till mmu is
enabled ) it will executes from the flash then it will
executes from ram. To do this i have made default
option ROMRAM in cdl file then created *.ecc file.
With this, i have compiled my application and flashed
it on my target (ARM9TDMI).

Now i am getting the prefetch abort exeception for
next instruction atfter enabling the mmu.

Please let me know what are all we need to take into
consideration while making it work with ROMRAM

thanks in advance
best regards
PS:in this case i have assumed both ldi file rom.ldi
and romram.ldi (in dir pkgconf) are used together to
generate the final binary when you enable CYG_STARTUP=

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