[ECOS] TCP/IP Deadlock

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Mon Mar 28 17:23:00 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-27 at 20:12 +0200, Giuseppe Monteleone wrote:
> I Have some problem with TCP/IP Deadlock. The system  work well 
> and the ICMP program work fine (the board respond to "ping"),
> In my configuration i added the OpenTCP/IP stack. SO if i try to 
> open more than one web page the webserver goes down and doest 
> respond anymore.
> In my opinion the problem is the TCP itself (IP work good because 
> the ICMP work fine). 

It's doubtful that there is such a major problem in the stack
itself as it has been successfully deployed on a number of systems
over many years.  More likely the issue is with your application or
possibly how you have eCos configured.

Have you made sure that there is adequate stack for the HTTP processing

Have you attempted to analyze the state of the system when this 
happens, e.g. break in with GDB and see what threads are doing,
what state they are in, etc?

When it gets in this state, can you still ping it from other hosts?

Have you enabled any debugging?  There are many levels of this that
can be applied, from tracing network packets to a full runtime trace
(using the infra debug features)

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