[ECOS] Prob with flash_query

Ringo Pebam ringo.p@gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 17:44:00 GMT 2005


I am using the eCos bootloader, and the flash_query throws an exception as:

300005d8 <flash_query>:
300005d8:	e52de004 	str	lr, [sp, -#4]!
300005dc:	e59f2088 	ldr	r2, [pc, #136]; 3000066c __DTOR_END__+0x94>
300005e0:	e3a030f0 	mov	r3, #240	; 0xf0
300005e4:	e1c230b0 	strh	r3, [r2]
300005e8:	e3a0c000 	mov	ip, #0	; 0x0
300005ec:	e3a0e0aa 	mov	lr, #170	; 0xaa
300005f0:	e59f3078 	ldr	r3, [pc, #120]	; 30000670 

According to my flash memory layout, the address 0x300005d8 is supposed to be 
RAM area but it's being treated as Flash area. My flash device is Am29LV128MH/L.

I have one doubt: the flash_query that is called from flash_dev_query,
is the one that is define in "/ecos_920t/packages/devs/flash/amd/am29xxxxx/
current/include/flash_am29xxxxx.inl" or the one in define in
synth/current/src/flash_query.c". Could you please confirm ?

I would be very glad if you give me some help here.


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