[ECOS] GDB stops working if network support is included ?

rouderaa@xs4all.nl rouderaa@xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 23 16:43:00 GMT 2005


By itself the 'Basic networking' package works. This is without GDB support.
I can send and receive messages through the Ethernet.
By itself the GDB support works.
But put both together then it stops working. During startup I can
see some initialisation messages from the Ethernet driver but it is
not the full set I saw when I ran without GDB support. So it looks
like the initialisation is halted during startup somehow ?
Booting is done using GRUB. Ecos version 2.0 is used.

Anyone got GDB and networking working on an i386 platform for Ecos ?
Let me know how please.

  Rob van der Ouderaa

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