[ECOS] compiling matrixssl for ecos / package?

Andrew M. Hoerter amh@POBOX.COM
Wed Mar 23 08:18:00 GMT 2005

On Mar 22, 2005, at 3:27 AM, Felix Nielsen wrote:

> Anyone worked with matrixssl on eCos?- 
> http://www.matrixssl.net/matrixssl.html

Yes, I have successfully run MatrixSSL under eCos.  I can't shed any 
light on your performance requirements since I didn't do any testing in 
that area.  But it should at least work.

> It sure looks good, but I am having trouble getting the library 
> compiled.

What specific problems are you having?  There's a small portability 
layer that you'll need to tweak to get things running; at one point I 
had a mostly working eCos adaptation layer, but I don't have the code 
handy right now.  I did provide that code to the MatrixSSL people 
though.  If you ask them directly they should at least be aware of 
eCos' existence and provide some help.  :-)

But, the work needed for eCos is pretty trivial, it only took me about 
30 minutes to write, IIRC.

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