[ECOS] Assertions (Longshot)

Andy Atkinson andya@hydrix.com
Tue Mar 22 08:23:00 GMT 2005

Hi All

I am currently debugging a simple application which downloads a file
over a serial link and writes it to flash. The application is
terminating with assertions occurring at the heart of the eCos kernel,
for example:

ASSERT FAIL: <4>flag.cxx[179]void Cyg_Flag::setbits() Both masks set

ASSERT FAIL: <4>flag.cxx[180]void Cyg_Flag::setbits() Thread already

ASSERT FAIL: <1>mlqueue.cxx[214]void
Cyg_Scheduler_Implementation::add_thread() Map and queue disagree

I am running with 4 threads : Idle (31), Network Support (7), Network
Alarm Support (6) and the application (15). Is this sort of thing
indicative of any eCos-specific problem/pitfall?

Any help appreciated.


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