[ECOS] Priority between different DSRs?

Alex Bueno Guarner abg@dimat.es
Mon Mar 21 14:14:00 GMT 2005


	I have a program which consists of two interupts sources. One of them 
needs to be processed VERY fast, and the other doesn't. The fact is that I 
can't process the fast one directly in the ISR, because I have to capture 
the current time, and if I did it in the ISR, the kernel time value might 
be incorrect. (If there's some way to do it in the ISR, please tell).

	So the fact is that I have to process both in the DSRs. Is there any way 
to give priority to the DSRs? Also, I know that the DSRs are processed 
after ISRs and before returning to the threads, but, in which order? If I 
am processing a DSR and and interrupt occurs, the new DSR is processed 
finishing the first one? As I've seen, it seems that the DSR of the new 
interrupt is executing BEFORE the first one finishes. Thus, i tseems that a 
DSR not only can be interrupted by a ISR, but also the DSR associated with 
it. Am I wrong?

	I've looked for more information about it, but I haven't found anything 
about in which order the DSRs execute.

	Thank you

	Alex Bueno

P.D: Please, reply also to my address, because I don't check too much the 
mailing list.

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