[ECOS] Porting RedBoot to ARM9 based OMAP5912 - Doubt.

Mukund JB. mukundjb@esntechnologies.co.in
Fri Mar 18 12:37:00 GMT 2005

Hi pradeep, 

> I am loading the .bin image at the address 0x10000000 which I have
> mapped as RAM origin and execute it using the 'go' command.

I had a similar problem working on redboot on an ARM based board.
Better option is to use ROM mode.
What is the board specified start address? If that is correct, I think u
don't need to use go. u just restart the system & the processor will
load and execute the code of redboot on its own.

If u got it working in any other mode, do share it with me.

Mukund jampala

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