[ECOS] Porting RedBoot to ARM9 based OMAP5912 - Doubt.

Pradeep Padmanabhan mailme.pradeep@gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 10:13:00 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I am a newbee to eCos Porting. As a part of my learning I am trying to
port RedBoot to a ARM9 based OMAP5912 platform. The platform already
has U-Boot running on it and I want to port RedBoot alongside in RAM
startup mode.

Using the configuration tool (ver 2.0 in Linux) and hand editing the
.h and .ldi files I was able to build a .bin image. When I tried to
load this image and execute it on the omap 5912 OSK, the RedBoot
prompt does not appear. The system just stays there without any

I am loading the .bin image at the address 0x10000000 which I have
mapped as RAM origin and execute it using the 'go' command.

Any suggestions on what lines to proceed would be great.


Pradeep P

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