[ECOS] GDB: eset RedBoot

Fabian Scheler Fabian.Scheler@gmx.de
Sat Mar 12 12:35:00 GMT 2005

Helly everybody,

I'm using the RedBoot monitor to execute and debug my eCos-application on my
x86-target via the serial line. Everything works fine, loading down the
program, setting breakpoints, stepping ... but nevertheless I have one

I want to sent the RedBoot monitor a reset command via the serial line. I
tried 'remote reset' after connecting sucessfully with 'target remote
/dev/ttyS0' but I only get an 'Remote device not open' as answer from gdb. 

How can I open the remote device? Is there another way to send a reset
command to the RedBoot monitor?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Fabian

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