[ECOS] can't pass the basic net test

twomol twomol@bj1860.net
Fri Mar 11 18:00:00 GMT 2005

     My NIC is rltk8019as and target's CPU is S3c44b0x. I can  connect  to the redboot successfully. 
But I can't pass the basic net stack test(ping_lo_test tcp_lo_select tcp_lo_test udp_lo_test).
I build the test with net template,and configured it to set IP address statically. 
when do  tcp_lo_test, the problem is:
Start TCP server - test
TCP SERVER: Hello eCos network
Start TCP client - test
FAIL:<Can't connect to target> Line: 55, File: /ecos-j/embeded/ecos/ecos/package

The other's problems are similar.
I'm not a master of tcp/ip stack. The reference says these tests don't use the external network interfaces, Is it mean that this is not the Ethernet driver's problem?  What's wrong? 
Thanks in advance


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