[ECOS] synthetic target network support for UDP socket.

Santoshkumar Zalake santoshkumar.zalake@wipro.com
Fri Mar 11 03:01:00 GMT 2005

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for help.
I set the SOL_SOCKET value as 17 which UDP protocol number as per
/etc/protocol in Linux src.
Till I was setting -92 error(according error.h this error is ENOPROTOOPT
which means protocol not available).
Then I set SOL_SOCKET value as 0 which is working and return value function
call is zero.

But the same thing is not working in SETSOCKOPT as Broadcast

 /* To set broadcast */
 memset(sock_info,0x00,10*sizeof(unsigned long));

socket_info[0] = (unsigned long)udp_socket_fd;
socket_info[1] = (unsigned long) SOL_SOCKET;
socket_info[2] = (unsigned long) SO_BROADCAST;
socket_info[3] = (unsigned long)(&a);
socket_info[4] = (unsigned long)(sizeof(int));

socket_error = cyg_hal_sys_socketcall(SYS_SETSOCKOPT,socket_info);

if(socket_error <0)
         printf("ERROR SetSockOpt %d", socket_error);

I tried the SOL_SOCKET value as 0xfff and17 and 0
For 0xfff and 17 ==> I am getting error as -92 i.e. protocol not available.
For 0 ==> I am getting error as -99 i.e. EADDRNOTAVAIL(Cannot assign
requested address)

Thanks in Advance
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> On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 08:14:54PM +0530, Santoshkumar Zalake wrote:
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> > Hi Andrew
> >
> > I am using SOL_SOCKET value as 0xffff.
> That explains your problem.
>         Andrew

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