[ECOS] tcpip network thread...!

Badri Sampathkumar badri@atheros.com
Thu Mar 10 02:23:00 GMT 2005


I have integrated an ethernet driver for my custom board. I run the Free bsd 
stack on it. I am able to succesfuly run the test programs and when the test 
program (ping_lo_test) is running, I am able to ping the board from another 
laptop. The board also initializes its IP thru DHCP when started up.

The issue is the n/w interface and the ethernet driver are started only when 
an appln program like ping_lo_test is run (this calls 
init_all_network_interfaces). I want the network stack & the ethernet driver 
to be up & running once any image that is linked with the library is loaded 
on the board, like a simple hello program that does not use the networking 
Once the BSP along with the drivers is loaded, I would like the board to 
respond to ping. But this does'nt happen. I realized that the 
eth_drv_start() is never called & so the h/w driver is not started too. So I 
included a call to 'init_all_network_interfaces()' in the cyg_net_init() 
function in the free-bsd code.

This starts up the ethernet driver but still I am not getting interrupts 
when an Appln like Hello program that is linked with this library is loaded.

Is there any threading issues ..? I run the background network proc thread @ 
prio 7 and fast net proc thread @ prio 6 - the default values when free-bsd 
is included.


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