[ECOS] Re: lwip-ppp

Jani Monoses jani@iv.ro
Wed Mar 9 12:33:00 GMT 2005


> # this does middleblink so I presume handle1 is now valid.
>  pppInit();
>  pppSetAuth(PPPAUTHTYPE_PAP,"pppuser","pppassword");
>  pd=pppOpen(handle1,pppLinkStatusCallback,NULL);// here the system hangs..
>  // it looks like it's handling some exception over and over again...
>  // nothing apears on ser1

have you tried the lwip test apps? Those call lwip_init to take care of initialization.

> How much threads does ppp need? is this enough:
> 	#define NTHREADS 3

if by this define you mean CYGNUM_LWIP_APP_THREADS that is the number of application 
threads, lwip should allocate it's internal threads automatically.


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