[ECOS] exact command for loading application ?

B.E.Comp Project comp.project@gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 16:03:00 GMT 2005

Hello all 

I want to load the program from host system onto target.
and then execute it. But I am getting trouble in that... could someone help me.

i have connected two machines using Realtek RTL8139/810X Family PCI
Fast Ethernet Card. I have created Redboot.bin image using i386 with
i386 pc with rtl 8139 ethernet as target. I have serial connection as

Booting target from the floppy using this redboot.bin . it waits for
some time for BOOTP .
-> what should I do to avoid that.

After some time I get redboot prompt with information about ip
address, mac address etc.
Now I use telnet from host machine which shows redboot prompt.

I gave load –v –m ymodem on telnet session .
it waits for some time. immediately I gave 'send file' in minicom .
the target shows some 'magic' (9 'c's and then soem unreadable
character )characters for some time .
then it gives message :

Can't load '<null>' : Timed out

If I gave 
load –v –m ymodem –c 0  then it gives message 
retry 0 , NAK on sector.

Can anybody tell me exact command to be given on redboot prompt on
telnet session on host machine to load into the target a file say
/home/ron/hello.bin on the host machine.
Should I use Ethernet or serial line for file transfer. If possible
tell me both the ways.

I also tried with tftp option for load but I get file not found message.

I have connected 2 machines directly with ethernet cable cross
connection. Configured the target IP address as and that of
host as

~ Devendr@...

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