[ECOS] ecos net stack query

Badri Sampathkumar badri@atheros.com
Mon Mar 7 23:48:00 GMT 2005

Hi All,

I am using the Free BSB networking stack as part of my BSP for my custom 
I am trying to bringup the Ethernet driver for the board.

I am able to successfuly tx/rx packets from/to my ethernet hardware driver.

When I try to give the received pkts to the upper layers of the tcp/ip stack 
for e.g ARP, IP modules, the packets get queued up into their respective 
queues (arpintrq, ipintrq etc) and they are not processed from there on. 
They seem to be remaining in the queue for a long time. so i am not able to 
ping another m/c from my board or vice versa.

I have confirmed that the pkts are received correctly in the hardware driver 
by running ethereal on the peer host and then cross checking the hex dump of 
pkts between the hw driver and the ethereal dump.

Thanks for the help,


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