[ECOS] RE: The rebuild image from source code.

Moseley, Drew drew.moseley@intel.com
Wed Mar 2 16:24:00 GMT 2005

If you use the standard config options:
$ ecosconfig new iq8033x redboot
$ ecosconfig import

You should have everything working just fine.


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>Subject: The rebuild image from source code.
>hi, guy
>I have built a redboot image file from intel release redboot source
>codes. I can't used fis and other commands in this rebuilt image, but
>I  can used those commands in the built image from intel release.
>There are six item inactive or disable in the configtool GUI program.
>Shall I enable or active them? Or I only need to enable or active them
>when I used eCos ? In other word, if I just used redboot , I don't
>need those item to be enable or active ?

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