[ECOS] Redboot & Powerpc: memory remap

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Sat Apr 30 16:23:00 GMT 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-30 at 04:44 -0700, xinumike-rtos@yahoo.com wrote:
> Powerpc question:
> Ok, I understand chip select 0 is mapped to 0
> upon reset and then it is remapped to something
> like 0xfe000000. I understand that SDRAM will
> be remapped to 0.   Where does this remapping 
> take place (what file or files?)?
> How does redboot do this remapping?  Does it execute
> out of dual port ram for a while?
> I know my answers are dig in the code, but if somebody
> could give me a headstart what files to pay
> particular attention too, I would appreciate it.
> Is there any documentation that talks about
> the boot process?

This happens in the machine setup code which on PowerPC systems
is called 'hal_hardware_init'.  For an example, look at the
Viper startup in:

When the processor is reset, *ALL* accesses go through CS0
which implicitly maps *EVERYTHING*.  Thus, for the first few
instructions, the only thing that can be accessed is the FLASH
and the CPU control registers known as IMM in the code.  The
first thing this code does is to tell the IMM how to map FLASH
at 0xFE000000 via CS0 and SDRAM at 0x00000000 via CS1.  It then
programs the UPM (a microcoded SDRAM controller).  Once this is
done, FLASH and RAM can be accessed and the rest of the system
can be initialized.

The details of how all of this works are in the MPC860 users
manual (PDF available directly from FreeScale/Motorola)

Note: this is all very hardware specific.  Machine initialization
is different on MPC8xx from MPC8xxx or ARM or 80x86 or ...
You have to know your platform :-)

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