[ECOS] ECOS/Redboot -- Several Questions

Frank Robbins frank.Robbins@analogue-micro.com
Sat Apr 30 03:33:00 GMT 2005

I think you may need to read the PQ1 manual a bit more ......

The PQ1 comes out of reset with CS0 owning all of the 4Gig address space 
hence the flash is always normally at zero to start with. Then normally 
this is then reduced and relocated up to  0xfe000000  and the SDRAM then 
located back down to zero. Hence the boot loader starts in flash offset 
of 0x00000000 then runs with offset 0xfe000000 in flash then usually it 
copies its self into SDRAM (.. after setting this up of course.)  from 
address offset 0x00000000.

Please note: The MBX template is VERY OUT OF date 


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Michael Dorin wrote:

>I have an 860T based board and am trying to convert
>the MBX templete.  However a couple differences:
>* My board has CS0 tied to address 0.  I believe the
>wants to boot from 0xfe000000.  I don't have ram
>at 0.  I have changed the ram.ldi and rom.ldi files
>in the pkgconf directory.  I have changed the
>lib/target.ld files.  
>I can't seem to get a good link though.  
>Where might I be missing something?
>Second question...
>Is it bad that 0 is my flash address?
> Mike

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