[ECOS] pthread_mutex_unlock when mutex is not locked

Sergei Organov osv@topconrd.ru
Wed Apr 27 12:15:00 GMT 2005

Rubц┐б╘n Pц┐б╘rez de Aranda Alonso <rperez@sidsa.es> writes:
> I think the mutex is appropiate for the explained scenario.
> The standard says: "If the mutex type is PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE, then
> the mutex maintains the concept of a lock count. When a thread
> successfully acquires a mutex for the first time, the lock count is
> set to one. Every time a thread relocks this mutex, the lock count is
> incremented by one. Each time the thread unlocks the mutex, the lock
> count is decremented by one. When the lock count reaches zero, the
> mutex becomes available for other threads to acquire. If a thread
> attempts to unlock a mutex that it has not locked or a mutex which is
> unlocked, an error will be returned."

1. Nowhere in your original post did you've mention you use POSIX mutexes. 

2. Nowhere in the POSIX documents you will find anything about DSRs, so
   semantics of calling mutex operations from DSRs aren't defined by


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