[ECOS] Problem booting into ecos s-record file

Santanu Chatterjee thisissantanu@gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 14:51:00 GMT 2005

Hello everybody,

I was trying to boot a simple 'hello-world' program (ecos application) 
into a P-IV  computer, through redboot. I built redboot FLOPPY image, and
put it onto a floppy. Then I built ecos library for i386 target (with
default configuration). Then I compiled a simple hello-world program
(from the examples),
converted it into S-record format, all using the i386 cross
compilation toolchain
which I built from the source as mentioned in the ecos web site.

Now, I can boot into redboot. At the redboot prompt, I typed:
Redboot> load -mode disk hda4:hello.srec
(I have checked that the path to the file is correct)
But the error I get is that 0x00108000 is not in RAM or something similar.
But then what address should I give to the '-b' option?
Redboot is showing 0x0007bed0-0x000a0000 as the usable RAM (If I remember 

Could you please help me out here. 


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