[ECOS] i386 'make' problem

Gonçalo Antunes gmma@gmma.net
Sat Apr 23 00:21:00 GMT 2005


I started my config.ecc with the i386realtek template.
added the HTTP, CPuload, FreeBSD, networking, and common ethernet packages..
and now I get an error on the 'make tests'.
I'm using the startup method 'FLOPPY' and I get the error:

/home/gmma/config_install/lib/vectors.o:/tmp/ccfRQjJM.s: undefined reference 
to 'hal_saved_interrupt_state'
make: leaving directory '/home/gmma/config_build'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

if  I  change the startup method to RAM, the error does not appear...
I really need to have it running from the FLOPPY...

Can you help?

Thank you very much.

Gonçalo Antunes.

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