[ECOS] Redboot on SMDK2410

Tehn-Yit Chin Tehn-Yit.Chin@greyinnovation.com
Fri Apr 22 08:53:00 GMT 2005


We are trying to bringup RedBoot on a SMDK2410, and have some problems.
We are using ecos 2.0. 

Initially, we want to start it executing out of RAM. So we build it with
a configuration of smdk2410_redboot_RAM.ecm. However, doing a objdump -d
on the resulting elf file shows the code is link to reside at address
0x40000. The SDRAM lives address 0x30000000, and there are isn't an
memory devices at 0x40000.

Maybe I have missed something basic, is there a problem with the RAM
configuration? Should we be loading the code in a different location?

Many thanks for any pointers.

Tehn Yit Chin 
Software Engineer, Grey Innovation Pty. Ltd.

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