[ECOS] eCos compilation problem

rramesh@connextechnology.com rramesh@connextechnology.com
Fri Apr 22 07:27:00 GMT 2005

Hi all, 
I am building a MIPS simulator configuration. I managed to modify
hal_mips_sim.cdl with our processor specific information and overcame all
conflicts and attempted a compile. I am seeing an interesting error. I am
quite positive this is not because of my configuration. 

I have used two tool MIPS tool chains a) tool chain that comes with eCos
mipsisa32-elf b) GNU-Lite from www.mips.com. Both give different results :-(

When I use mipsisa32-elf, one of the include file from variant.S introduces
a line typedef int ptrdiff_t; Since the file name is ending in .S, gcc is
invoking the assembler and I get the error invalid opcode 'typedef int

When I attempt to compile using GNU-Lite, I get the following errors. 

type.h:85:18: operator '/' has no right operand

type.h:439:64: #endif without #if
make: *** [src/variant.o.d] Error 1

The error in mipsisa32-elf, I was able to figure out by using -E and
-save-temps option. This does not work under GNU-Lite:-( 

Can the gurus shed some light on this problem? If anyone wants to see the
result of the preprocessor output, I can send it out. I did not want to
clutter the emails with that this time. 

Thanks and regards

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