[ECOS] problem with MIPS sim package

rramesh@connextechnology.com rramesh@connextechnology.com
Fri Apr 22 01:35:00 GMT 2005

I see that the sim package under packages/hal/mips/sim has lot of references
to specific processors. See the example below: 

    cdl_option CYGBLD_HAL_TARGET_H {
        display "architecture header file"
        flavor data
            define -file system.h CYGBLD_HAL_TARGET_H
        calculated { CYGPKG_HAL_MIPS_TX39 ? "<pkgconf/hal_mips_tx39.h>" :

I am new to eCos. May be I am missing something here. I would think such
specific mention of processors in a generic package should be a NO NO. 
Is there a package which is tailored to run with pure mips simulators? 

I am attempting to construct one such for a MIPS core we are using. I am
hoping to get memory foot print and other performance information from that.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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