[ECOS] Possible SNMP bug +

Yuriy Coureelo coureelo@micran.ru
Tue Apr 19 04:00:00 GMT 2005

Dear Sir!

A thread has the following code:
    while (true)
        if (create_trap_session(eth0_server,
eth0_server doesn't exists. ARP maxtries = 5.
I start ethernet sniffer and see 5 arp requests.
On the 6th try there is no arp request (that's ok i know).
Then that code passes 7th time and when it calls cyg_thread_delay
(7th call) - system hangs. What's the matter? (FreeBSD stack)

Another bug: snmp hangs when not enough memory
int handle_snmp_packet(bla-bla-bla)
    struct agent_snmp_session  *asp;
    int status, allDone, i;
    struct variable_list *var_ptr, *var_ptr2;
    if ( magic == NULL ) {
// coureelo commented
//      asp = init_agent_snmp_session( session, snmp_clone_pdu(pdu) );
// coureelo commented end

// coureelo
        struct snmp_pdu* mypdu = snmp_clone_pdu(pdu);
        asp = NULL;
        if (mypdu)
            asp = init_agent_snmp_session( session, mypdu);
// coureelo end

Sincerely yours
Yuriy Coureelo

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