[ECOS] Help with loading kernel on i386

Shyam Gopal shyam@qsolv-inc.com
Mon Apr 18 18:00:00 GMT 2005

Hi Guys,
I am working with redboot on a i386 PC. I'm attempting to 
load and run a bzImage from the redboot prompt. 
redboot boots up fine and gives this message.
RAM: 0x000000-0x000a0000, [0x0008acd0-0x000a0000] 

I am able to load the kernel image with
redboot> load -r -b %{FREELOMEM} bzImage
This throws a lot of multi coloured garbage on the 
screen, perhaps I loaded the image into the video mem 
area. Then if I attempt to execute this the PC simply 

As per the man page for the exec command. The kernel 
expects to be loaded at a specific address for each 
platform. What is that address for an i386 ? I have 
patched in Ian Campbell "Linux" command for exececuting 
the linux kernel.

When I built redboot there were couple of values used by 
the configtool, is this correct.
>ecosconfig new pc redboot
U CYGSEM_HAL_USE_ROM_MONITOR new inferred value 0
val 0
I'd greatly appreciate any help.

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