[ECOS] Help with linux on PC moboard using redboot

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Thu Apr 14 10:31:00 GMT 2005

Hi Khurram,
No I actually need to boot off a local harddisk. I have an 
application which required that I do some integrity check 
on the disk before I boot linux that is why I am using 
redboot, so that I can write an ecos application that will 
do the integrity check and then I can load linux as usual.
I am able to load the vmlinuz kernel with
redboot> load -r -b %{FREELOMEM} -m disk hda1:vmlinuz
This throws a lot of multi coloured garbage on the screen, 
perhaps I loaded the image into the video mem area. Then 
if I attempt to execute this the PC simply reboots.


On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 21:09:17 -0500
  "Ali, Khurram" <Khurram_Ali@mentor.com> wrote:
>I have a setup where I boot using a floppy (with 
>redboot). I have ethernet on my target PC. If you have a 
>BOOTP server, redboot will use it to get an IP address. 
>Alternatively, you can use ip_address -l x.x.x.x to 
>provide an IP to your target.
>I then use GDB to load my image. Since I am not too 
>fimiliar with GDB, I use insight (GUI over GDB) to 
>download my image to the target.
>Does this help?
>Thank you,
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>Hello Everyone:
>Here is my environment : PC motherboard, redboot, linux 
>kernel residing on an attached harddrive.
>I know this is a very trivial and basic configuration but 
>I simply could not find any information regarding loading 
>and running Linux on a PC. 
>This would be ideally used in a PC based appliance 
>Similar questions have been posted many times here but I 
>could not find any specific details. If I get enough 
>information I am certainly going to write a HOWTO on 
>My fingers are going numb serching thru the archives. 
>Anyway, if anyone has any information I'll greatly 
>appreciate it.
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