[ECOS] Pb with socket: TCP previous segment lost

Nicolas Brouard nicolas.brouard@silicomp.ca
Tue Apr 12 18:55:00 GMT 2005

I have a board based on a MPC860 with FreeBSD stack. When I create a TCP 
socket and transfer a big buffer from my board to my PC, I have a lot a 
"TCP previous segment lost". One second after the lost frame, the 
retransmission occurs. So the transfert rate is like 0.01 Mbits/s !!!
With UDP (TFTP transfert), everything seems to work fine.

The same problem appears with OpenBSD stack.
Do I miss something in my stack configuration ?
Does anybody have the same problem ?
Thank's for your help

I attach the ethereal trace and the configuration file.

Nicolas Brouard
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