[ECOS] ip address

Diego Duyvejonck diego.duyvejonck@skynet.be
Sat Apr 9 17:05:00 GMT 2005

During network initialisation, eCos will get its ip address from a dhcp
server or just have a predefined fixed ip address depending on the
kernel configuration.
However, I would prefer to use the bootp flag status from the redboot
config block to decide how to get the ip address.  
Is there any trivial way to change the way to obtain the ip address at
startup (on the fly) ?  
Using the dhcp client + fall back to a fixed address is not really an
option, since this can only be done after some timeout.
When the system is installed in a fixed and well defined environment
with no dhcp server on the network, this timeout is wasted time.
Any idea ?
Thanks for any suggestion,
Diego Duyvejonck

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