[ECOS] Re: POSIX package for eCos 1.3.1

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Fri Apr 8 18:34:00 GMT 2005

Yuan Yu wrote:
> Thanks for your reply, Jonathan.  Our application is developed on eCos
> 1.3.1.  It would be too big an effort to upgrade it to eCos 2.0 for near
> term, which will involve other development groups.  Do you know whether
> POSIX package is available for eCos 1.3.1?

No, there were too many other changes required in other packages to 
support it, particularly the kernel package, most of the C library, and 
the addition of the fileio package.

I am fairly confident that irrespective of your groups and dependencies on 
eCos 1.3.1, it would take far longer to try and backport to 1.3.1 than 
just move to 2.0.


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> Yuan Yu wrote:
>>Can anyone help me with eCos POSIX compatibility layer?  I am using
> eCos 
>>1.3.1.  How do I download and configure PSOIX package?  Thank you very
> much!
> Don't use eCos 1.3.1. Use at least eCos 2.0: http://ecos.sourceware.org/
> Note the correct list address is ecos-discuss@ecos.sourceware.org, not 
> ecos-discuss-owner.
> Jifl

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