AW: [ECOS] redboot automatic config and installation

Neundorf, Alexander
Fri Apr 8 10:15:00 GMT 2005

Hi Manfred,

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> Manfred Gruber
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> Betreff: [ECOS] redboot automatic config and installation
> hi !
> i have a question about how to automate redboot.
> my problem is that redboot will be programmed to flash over JTAG.
> now i want to automate fis int,fconfig, load, fis create .... 
> for production
> on solution would be to delete y/n question and hard code 
> changes into redboot 
> sources which things have to be done done automatic, but its 
> bad and dirty ..
> are there any experiences how to do that ? 

You could install one "template" manually, then read all the flash contents out, check all the fields which might change (fconfig entries, size of images, checksums), modify these fields accordingly, and then burn the modifed image on the new flashs via jtag (e.g. using the abatron bdi2000 with library interface, not gdb interface).


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