[ECOS] PPP/GPRS problems

Deak, Ferenc feco@stp.hu
Thu Apr 7 08:46:00 GMT 2005


I'm trying to create a PPP connecton with a GPRS modem. During
cyg_ppp_wait_up I'm getting random messages something like

ppp0: bad fcs 95fa, pkt len 25
ppp0: bad fcs d70a, pkt len 20
ppp0: no compressor for [15 3 29], 3
ppp0: no compressor for [1a 4 8], 4
ppp0: no compressor for [18 4 8], 4
ppp0: bad protocol 600

(if I remember correctly sometimes there is no "bad protocol" or "no
compressor" messages only "bad fcs") But after it, the server assigns an
IP address to the device, which I can see in the routing tables and in
the interface statistics. But after this I'm getting only error messages
something like: "ppp0: bad fcs 5049, pkt len 33", when I'm trying to
connect to a host.

The device has no hardware flow control lines. Is there anybody who can
assure me, that PPP have to work without hardware flow control?

I've tested the modem under linux, with flow control, without flow control, and
xonxoff settings, and it was good with every setup...

The version of Ecos is almost the latest CVS.

Hope, somebody can help
Ferenc Deak

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