[ECOS] synthetic target serial support

Nelly Pison Nelly.Pison@elios-informatique.fr
Tue Apr 5 08:39:00 GMT 2005


I have now a host side installed and I have made a simple test program 
hello that  open and print characters on the port /dev/ser0 witch is 
mapped on /dev/ttyS0.

When I start the program: hello --io
it seems to works well but I don't receive any characters from the com 
port corresponding to /dev/ttyS0 and connected to another PC with an 
I verify that the physical link is OK by writing  a simple program on 
linux: it works, I see the characters on the hyperterminal.
With hello --io the following message is written on the console : 
"Connecting serial device /dev/ser0 to /dev/ttyS0"
This message is printed by the serial host side serial.tcl. I add other 
puts in the tcl for all request the shell can execute.
So on the console I see request for:

but no request to send characters

Have you ideas for the problem?

>On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 03:31:17PM +0200, Nelly Pison wrote:
>>You are very rapid to answer: Thanks
>>I have build the library now. But when I start a simple program using 
>>the lst (make only printf) with option --io  (as I see for the synthetic 
>>erthernet driver) I have the following  error: "unable to find the I/O 
>>auxiliary program on the current search PATH. Please install the 
>>appropriate host-side tools"
>>In fact I don't know use the synth. serial driver :
>>- have you a source example
>>- is there any documentation about it
>>- is there host tools necessary for that (like rawether for ethernet) 
>>and where if yes
>>Thanks a lot for your help
>The following explains a lot:
>It will be looking for the executable ecosynth. If you have done an
>install from the prebuild binaries this normally lives in
>It finds this be using the PATH variable, which in this case needs to
>include /opt/ecos/bin. It knows how to get from the bin directory to
>the correct subdirectory under libexec.
>        Andrew

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