[ECOS] simple hello world on i386 target

Gonçalo Antunes gmma@gmma.net
Mon Apr 4 20:13:00 GMT 2005

Hello again!

I configured the eCos installation with the "i386PC target" template, put
the Startup Type to FLOPPY and
built it.
I wrote a simple hello world program, compiled it ok and then make the
i386-elf-objcopy -O binary hello hello.bin
and then:
dd conv=sync if=hello.bin of=/dev/fd0
for it to run booting from the floppy disk...

The program is a simple thread in a loop that prints out "Hello World"...
It should boot up and start printing "HelloWorld"... but it doesn't!
After booting nothing is on the screen... just the cursor blinking...
I launch the threan on the cyg_user_start... I think I am doing everything
by the book...but it does not work.

can you help me?

Thank you.

Gonçalo Antunes.

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