[ECOS] synthetic target serial support

Nelly Pison Nelly.Pison@elios-informatique.fr
Fri Apr 1 09:56:00 GMT 2005

OK, I have installed it on my linux with the ecos repository, make what 
is indicated in the readme (except for the pseudo ttys that I don't need) .
Then with configTool I create an ecc with the  template "Linux synthetic 
and I try to add the package "Synthetic target serial driver" but 
configTool refuse with the error message :
 " Add and Remove hardware packages by selecting a new hardware template"
What is the problem?
Note : I saw that in the synthserial.cdl file the parent is 
CYGPKG_IO_SERIAL_DEVICES and I don't find it in the ecos.db file

Thanks for any help

>On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 09:06:20AM +0100, Nelly Pison wrote:
>>I need to use a serial port on the linux synthetic target running on a 
>>PC that is able to send messages and to receive messages (finished by 
>>the character 0x0D)
>>Can someone give me advices for :
>>- where I can found  the good software
>>- how to configure and use it in the lst
>>- how is the interface between it and my software
>        Andrew

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