[ECOS] ecos installation on 386 PC - regd

Raghavendar.M raghavendar@fastmail.fm
Fri Apr 1 09:44:00 GMT 2005

Resepcted Sir,
iam final year Master's of Engg. student. i taken my project in eCos.i
have installed eCos config tool using cygwin. after installation i was
not able to set up  bulid and user tools that the configuration Tool
uses to build eCos and RedBoot images.i.e iam able to select the
tools->paths->buildtools from the menu.in order to select  the
d:\cygwin\tools is not avaliable to the cygwin i installed. i have tried
many such links and iam not able to find tools folder. help in this
regd. sir. 

      Sir i have also gone thro' sourceware.ecos .. i need to load eCos
      to an 386 PC. what procedures i need to do. only thro' Config tool
      is it possible or is there any other means.
 i have not created any application. without any application is it
 possible to work on eCos after loading in 386 PC. is there any sample
 application to test. 

 Pl suggest me. 

thanking you
yours faithfully,

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