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Meulendijks, J. Meulendijks@WT.TNO.NL
Thu Sep 30 14:08:00 GMT 2004

Is there anybody who can answer this question??

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I added data.o to the command line but it gave the same result! :-(

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"Meulendijks, J." <Meulendijks@WT.TNO.NL> writes:

> Hi all,
> I read the following on the internet:
> "You can specify a file name to include sections from a particular file. You
> would do this if one or more of your files contain special data that needs to
> at a particular location in memory. For example, use the following input.
> data.o(.data)"
> But when I use this the linker says: "cannot find data.o". But the linkcommand
> is including the directory in which data.o is located. I do this with the -L
> option.
> I don't see what's is wrong with it but I only get this to work if I replace
> "data.o(.data)" with "c:/bla/bla/data.o(.data)". So I must give the absolute
> path and that's NOT what I want.

I believe this only works with files that are mentioned on the command
line, or are found in libraries. So add data.o to the command line.

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