[ECOS] EB40A (AT91) serial port oddness

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Thu Sep 30 10:04:00 GMT 2004

Tom Lynn <tom.lynn@hypertag.com> writes:

> I'm getting some weird behaviour on an EB40A (AT91) serial port.
> With the code below, which just tries to emit the 65 byte string
> "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789-=\n",
> I'm reading bytes such as:
> ...
> 'UVWXYZabcdefghij'
> 'klmnopqrstuvwxyz'
> '0123456789-=\nBCD'
> 'UVWXYZabcdefghij'
> 'klmnopqrstuvwxyz'
> '0123456789-=\n\t\r\x11'
> '\x15\x19\x1d!%)-159=AEIMQ'
> 'UY]aei\x85\x89\x8d\x91\x95\x99\x9d\xa1\xa5\xa9'
> '\xad\xb1\xb5\xb9\xbd\xc1\xc5\xc9\xcd\xd1\xd5\xd9\xdd\xe1\xe5\xe9'
> '\xc1\xc5\xc9\xcd\xd1\xd5\xd9\xdd\xe1\xe5\xb5\xf5)\xff\t\r'
> '\x11\x15\x19\x1d!%)-159=AEIM'
> 'QUY]aei\x85\x89\x8d\x91\x95\x99\x9d\xa1\xa5'
> '\xa9\xad\xb1\xb5\xb9\xbd\xc1\xc5\xc9\xcd\xd1\xd5\xd9\xdd\xe1\xe5'
> '\xe9\xc1\xc5\xc9\xcd\xd1\xd5\xd9\xdd\xe1\xe5\xb5\xf5)\xff\t'
> '\r\x11\x15\x19\x1d!%)-159=AEI'
> 'MQUY]aei\x85\x89\x8d\x91\x95\x99\x9d\xa1'
> '\xa5\xa9\xad\xb1\xb5\xb9\xbd\xc1\xc5\xc9\xcd\xd1\xd5\xd9\xdd\xe1'
> '\xe5\xe9\xc1\xc5\xc9\xcd\xd1\xd5\xd9\xdd\xe1\xe5\xb5\xf5)\xff'
> 'RSTUVWXYZabcdefg'
> 'hijklmnopqrstuvw'
> 'xyz0123456789-=\n'
> '\t\r\x11\x15\x19\x1d!%)-159=AE'
> 'IMQUY]aei\x85\x89\x8d\x91\x95\x99\x9d'
> '\xa1\xa5\xa9\xad\xb1\xb5\xb9\xbd\xc1\xc5\xc9\xcd\xd1\xd5\xd9\xdd'
> '\xe1\xe5\xe9\xc1\xc5\xc9\xcd\xd1\xd5\xd9\xdd\xe1\xe5\xb5\xf5)'
> 'QRSTUVWXYZabcdef'
> ...
> The AEIMQUY suggests jumps of 4, and the intermittent almost-
> correct output (the 'A' is always missing) together make me think
> that it's the debugging connection (running at 38400, i.e. 9600*4)
> that's causing the problem.  I've played with all the switches I
> can find and can't turn the damn thing off though.  Any ideas?

When your application is running, there will be no traffic on the
debug channel. So there should be no interference from that, so long
as you are not doing diag_printf()s. The 4 byte jumps are suspicious,
I agree, but you get contiguous runs too, so the problem is

The AT91 serial devices are nasty and a lot of work has gone in to
making them perform correctly. However, that was mostly on the receive
side. Transmission should be much simpler. I've run a variety of
serial tests on the AT91's in the past, some of which test high
throughput, with no difficulties.

Make sure you have the very latest version of the cvs repository.

What are you using to recieve the characters at the other end? minicom
on Linux or HyperTerminal on Windows are known to work well.

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