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Vikas K. Prasad vikas.prasad@ittiam.com
Mon Sep 27 18:11:00 GMT 2004


One more observation:

The serial driver implemented in my platform port is
of the simple polling type. The  moment I enable the
Rx interrupt in UART IES register, the following is
1) REDBOOT> appears on HyperTerminal.
2) The moment 'help' (or any char is typed), REDBOOT>
   prompt appears in infinite loop (goes on printing
   on HyperTerminal).

Should to use GDB,  should  we  always  write serial
driver in the interrupt mode?  What  could have gone
wrong in the above case (is  the interrupt not being


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I have completed the platform port of eCos and was able
to get REDBOOT> prompt on HyperTerminal.  Further,  all
commands  (like, version, help, etc)  are  working from
HyperTerminal. Even ^C is recognized.

On using GDB, I am able to connect to remote target and
here is the output:

    (gdb) set remotebaud 115200
    (gdb) target remote /dev/COM1
    Remote debugging using /dev/COM1
    0x04002ffc in ?? ()
    (gdb) c
    Interrupted while waiting for the program.
    Give up (and stop debugging it)? (y or n) y

But if you notice, after a continue,  I  am  not getting
the control back to gdb. Am I doing anything wrong here?

Can I write a small  program (without eCos) and download
via redboot  and test it (May be simple main pgm to turn
on a LED)?

The port is for ARM922T on Excalibur device.


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