[ECOS] GDB connect via UART failed

dpalmer@tootbee.com dpalmer@tootbee.com
Fri Sep 24 04:00:00 GMT 2004

Redboot communicates via the UART but GDB does not?  It 
could be either one of two things:

1) Problem with Redboot build.
2) Problem with Host machine.

Most likely it will be 2.  What Host machine are you using 
to communicate to the target?  Are you using Cygwin?

First I would make sure that the serial device you are 
using is correct. If you are using CygWin it could be that 
the serial device has a different name, like /dev/com1. 
 If you are using Insight 6.1, the default COMX in its 
menu might not refer to the correct serial device and it 
might give you some IOCTL error.

Second I would make sure that you are using the correct 
communication settings.

Darryl Palmer

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:03:58 +0800 (CST)
  "jourdon_shell" <jourdon_shell@163.com> wrote:
> Dear eCos discussers,
>   I built a RedBoot[ROM] version to my board. My board 
>uses S3C4510B, and is similar with SNDS100. So I chosed 
>SNDS100 template, and modified memory bank settings for 
>the difference on my board.
>   The problem is that, now, I can use command line 
>interface via UART0/UART1 to talk with RedBoot. And even 
>can use GDB debug via networking channel. But when I try 
>using GDB to connect RedBoot via UART0/UART1, it never 
>succeed, times out.
>   What on earth the problem is? Any other options I 
>should set?
>   Anyone could give me suggestions?
>   Many many thanks.
> BRs
> Jourdon Shell

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