[ECOS] AT91: fiq patch

Andrea Michelotti amichelotti@atmel.com
Thu Sep 16 08:37:00 GMT 2004

Hi Andrew,
here's the patch corrected as you suggested and with Changelogs.
> Its just missing ChangeLog entries now...
> > I kept my spurious interrupt detection because I think is more correct
> > quick than the actual one, as explained in my previous mail.
> I thought about this some more. I prefer to keep the check as it
> was. eCos will have an array of interrupt handlers. If for some reason
> the interrupts control returns a value outside of the handled range of
> interrupts, its going to access outside of the bounds of the array to
> some psuedo random data to get the address of the interrupt handler
> and jump off into oblivion. Such problems are very difficult to find
> since they are generally hard to reproduce and have nothing to do with
> the flow of code currently running. The check means that it will at
> least do something controlled and give the programmer some hope of
> finding whats wrong.
>         Andrew
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