[ECOS] zImage Help.

Vijay Jayaraman Vijay.Jayaraman@Colorado.edu
Wed Sep 15 07:28:00 GMT 2004

 I am just trying to figure out where to go next after configuring Redboot
and successfully testing all the tests from a normal ecosconfig new pc
build. I had this notion that I need to install the kernel into the hard
disk some how (or run it from memory) so that I can run my custom program on
it. I didnt realize that all you need to do is write your code compile it
and then load it via tftpboot. (Please correct me if I am wrong, This is
just my guess from reading the posts online...)

 Also, one more question, when I wanted to write the ip_address configured
Redboot onto a bootable floppy, I need to import a file called Floppy.ecm
file or so. If I did not do that, all I get is an elf image and I am unable
to boot with that. I thought elf images were some sort of linux executables.
I dont know why they cannot be used to boot from floppy... So I suppose one
needs to import the .ecm file everytime he wants to create a Redboot.bin


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> "Vijay Jayaraman" <Vijay.Jayaraman@Colorado.edu> writes:
> > Hi Friends,
> >
> > I have done the following
> > - Redboot up and running with proper IP addresses.
> > - all the tests under 'ecosconfig new pc' works fine when loaded from
> > /tftpboot folder via ethernet
> >
> > 1)
> > I want to load the kernel onto the pc. I have found a lot of posts on
> > RedBoot> load -r -b 0x8c210000 zImage  or so... but none where it
> > how to create a zImage.
> > I would appreciate it if any one can tell me how to create a basic
zImage so
> > that I can
> > load the kernel onto the pc. I could not find it in the ecos users
guide. My
> > apologies if
> > I had missed it.
> What exactly are you trying to do? zImage is for Linux. If you want to
> boot Linux on the PC use LILO or GRUB. There is no support in RedBoot
> for running Linux.
> If you have indeed run all the tests, then you have successfully
> loaded and run eCos. Just build your application as described in the
> documentation and load it in exactly the same way.
> >
> > 2)
> > I also remember reading somewhere that ecos programs dont need the
kernel to
> > run. Is this correct?
> eCos programs need the eCos kernel to run. You can configure eCos down
> to eliminate the kernel -- RedBoot is an example of this -- however,
> most program do need the kernel.
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