[ECOS] POSIX timer_create

Devaughn, Hans hans.devaughn@siemens.com
Mon Sep 13 19:51:00 GMT 2004

The POSIX function timer_create has a parameter (struct sigevent *evp) which
allows a "user event handler".

The POSIX module, time.cxx, handles a timeout of the a timer in function
alarm_action. This function checks for SIGEV_SIGNAL and SIGEV_THREAD. The
latter, SIGEV_THREAD, has a comment "FIXME: implement SIGEV_THREAD". 

I am assuming the SIGEV_THREAD is the option for the user event handler. 

My question - Has anyone implemented this POSIX feature? If not, is there
any other way to do this other than using eCos alarms?


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