[ECOS] Enabling Ethernet Driver Debugging Messages in Redboot

Vanitha Ramaswami vanitha@agilis.st.com.sg
Fri Sep 10 11:53:00 GMT 2004

Hi All,

We have a custom board based on ADI Coyote Board. The ethernet port is not 
working in our custom board. In order to debug the problem, i tried to 
enable the error log macro defined in the file intel_npe_eth_drivers.cdl. 
But i dont see any extra messages coming out on the working ADI Coyote 

Can you tell me how do i enable the ethernet driver logs in Redboot, 
inorder to get more info. of what is happening on the ethetnet side in the 
board. Right now i have no clue of whatz happening to ethernet port. I 
appreciate any inputs to debug this problem on this.

Do i need to program anything for  the MII PHY (KS8995X) .?


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