[ECOS] Slow compilation with CygWin under Windows XP

Øyvind Harboe oyvind.harboe@zylin.com
Wed Sep 8 11:04:00 GMT 2004

ons, 08.09.2004 kl. 11.44 skrev Mike Jastrebtsoff:
> Hello, Øyvind.
> No, I mean that I have got 2-5x speedup with Mingw32 toolchain &
> configtool for Win32-native. But When I am building ecos on cygwin
> CPU loaded 100% and 50-80% in kernel mode(red colour).
> Probably it's a hardware issue.(low level drivers and so on)

Hmmm.... today the problem is gone. I don't know what changed.

- I rebooted my machine yesterday, no help
- today I moved my machine(a laptop) to a different network, and now it

However, I'm not using the network when compiling. 

Very strange.

There is a problem somewhere, but obviously it isn't particularly common
or the CygWin guys would have known about it.

I think it has happened more than once and on more than one machine, but
since it is only a slowdown its not easy to track (or even positively
identify when it happens).

Øyvind Harboe

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