[ECOS] Slow compilation with CygWin under Windows XP

Øyvind Harboe oyvind.harboe@zylin.com
Wed Sep 8 09:16:00 GMT 2004

ons, 08.09.2004 kl. 07.09 skrev Mike Jastrebtsoff:
> Hello, Oyvind.
> I have a same problem, but I think that's a cygwin(or cygwin paths
> translation) problem.
> When I tried to build eCos with MingW tools(gcc 3.4.3) & configtool
> built by MSVC(native Win32 paths and no cygwin1.dll) compilation time
> is much better.

How much of a difference are you seing?

I'd say that I'm seing a 5-10x slowdown(because the CPU isn't doing

Øyvind Harboe

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