[ECOS] Slow compilation with CygWin under Windows XP

Mike Jastrebtsoff jam2000@pisem.net
Wed Sep 8 05:08:00 GMT 2004

Hello, Oyvind.

I have a same problem, but I think that's a cygwin(or cygwin paths
translation) problem.

When I tried to build eCos with MingW tools(gcc 3.4.3) & configtool
built by MSVC(native Win32 paths and no cygwin1.dll) compilation time
is much better.

OH> This is not a eCos problem as such, though it causes problems for the
OH> eCos build tools.

OH> Perhaps there are others out there who are experiencing the same problem
OH> and can confirm that this is not only on my machine/setup.

OH> Compiling eCos under Windows XP CygWin is *slow*. 

OH> - a 1.5GHz Pentium HyperThreaded machine
OH> - 768 megabytes RAM
OH> - My harddisk only blips occasionally
OH> - no sign network usage
OH> - anti-virus turned off
OH> - Windows XP SP 1
OH> - the problem is somewhat recent(didn't happen back in June when I last
OH> compiled eCos on this particular machine).
OH> - no suspicious processes in the task manager getting stuck. The
OH> arm-elf-gcc process is created and immediately terminates.
OH> - When I examine the Task Manager the CPU usage is <10%

OH> It as if a there is some sort of delay or timeout problem somewhere in
OH> XP/CygWin make.exe process...

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