[ECOS] Re: What Generates mlt_arm_xscale_ixdp425_rom.h & SDRAM Configuration

Ian Campbell icampbell@arcom.com
Thu Sep 2 08:01:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 16:35, Vanitha Ramaswami wrote:

> Were you able to find out how to regenerate the files in the 
> include/pkgconf directory i.e mlt_arm_xscale_xx_rom.h, 
> mlt_arm_xscale_xx_rom.ldi, mlt_arm_xscale_xx_rom.mlt. ?

I believe they were generated by the old config tool v1.4 (??) but the
new config tool v2.0 does not support the memory layout editor (or
whatever it was called) and so most people just write them by hand.

As far as I know the .mlt file was only used by the config tool which
then generated the .ldi and the .h so you only need to write those two
by hand and not bother with a .mlt, I don't at least. 


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