[ECOS] can anybody give me an ethernet driver for 8019?

Jourdon Shell jourdon_shell@163.com
Tue Nov 30 15:14:00 GMT 2004

Hi, all

	I downloaded the ethernet driver for ne2000 running on i386 from the eCos website. So, I modified it to fit my arm board. Now, I can use this under RedBoot(download code, debug etc.), eCos(ping, even some networking application, GoAhead webserver). It seems that, there is still something wrong with the driver, the system often crashed without any error or with the following warning when the system is  busy:

	'looutput: mbuf allocation failed' or 'warning: eth_recv out of MBUFs'

	It seems that, the mbuf is eat up somewhere. I read the maillist on the website, someone said that maybe there is something wrong with my ethernet driver receive or send when the network is busy. But, I am not familar with the ethernet driver, I can not debug out what cause these mbuffers leak. Is there anybody can share me a finely worked version of ne2000 driver running on the arm?
	Many many thanks.

Jourdon Shell

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